Health care

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Health Care Industry

Health care is one of the most regulated and technology-dependent sectors of the law. Changing regulatory requirements, tightened compliance rules, declining payor revenues, consumer activism and increasing competition make this a challenging area for business.

As healthcare specialists confront an incrising and widening scope of complexity in the obligations and burdens that regulate their operations, their interactions with patients and other providers, and their obligations to public and private payors, Braxton lawyers build upon their knowledge and experience in responding efficiently and  effectively to these burdens and obligations.

Health Care Legal Services
Braxton lawyers represent the business and personal interests of health care providers and health-related businesses. This legal representation includes medical malpractice issues, criminal responsibility of medical providers and specialists, doctors, dentists, hospitals, and advising clients on other problems specific to the health care industry

Braxton assist medical staffs, drug manufacturers, health insurers and other health care providers navigate this increasingly complex sector.  Our ongoing guidance in internatioal tax services and asset protection solutions for doctors, small hospitals, nursing home, dentists and continuing care facility clients has earned us an international tax and asset protection reputation in this area.

Braxton works closely with healh care and medical specialists to offer solutions to their increasing areas of concern, including the compliance with myriad obligations and regulations. We offer examination of business practices services and developing compliance strategies. We also help clients on successful resolution of issues arising out of medical responsability conduct.

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