Sport experience at Braxton

Braxton experience in international legal issues involving sports includes  league franchise issues, contract drafting, review and negotiation, asset protection planning, international tax and service outsourcing agreements.

Regarding stadium and arena matters, we handle naming rights, agreements, disputes resolution and arbitration (see international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution for more information), sports technology services, special event agreements and operations, alcohol and food licensing and regulations, sports and event security, sports concessions, leasing, emergency services and interaction with country and local governments.

Braxton works with other providers and organizations in sport issues like intellectual property, sport and merchandising licensing. We also assists clients (an example is 2009 Peace Cup Andalucia) in sport marketing matters such as  affinity credit cards, sports teams and advertising contests, promotions, advertising, ticketing, broadcasting rights, sponsorships, sports licensing, league and cup merchandising, trademarks and brand management, technology issues and contracts, internet and e-commerce legal services (see internet and e-commerce services for more information), and Web site issues and contracts, including development, content and privacy.

See also e-gaming services in e-gaming.