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What is the Express Service?
This service is for clients who need or want the benefits of an on-call international corporate counsel, but are concerned about the costs of outside legal advice. Under the subscription service clients call our office with specific questions related to their international business transactions. The questions should be “express” questions which do not require extensive research or any written agreements. We will attempt to answer questions posed at the time of our clients’ calls. In the event that such response is not possible, we will endeavor to respond by the next business day. Clients subscribing to our subscription service receive a 10% discount on Braxton international legal services.

Who are the users of this service?
Companies (small to large) or individuals that import or export products to foreign markets or companies or individuals that engage in international business transactions.

The service requires a commitment by you to use the services of our firm for a specific subscription period. The subscription period can be either three, six or twelve months. A retainer/deposit is required and the subscription period will commence upon our receipt of the retainer/deposit amount. Clients agree to replenish the retainer/deposit amount as required and to advise our firm in writing with regard to the names of the designated personnel within their organization that can use this service.


  • You receive a 10% discount on international legal services
  • You feel more comfortable to call our firm with questions knowing the billing procedure up front
  • You receive express responses to their “express” questions
  • You are locked-in on international legal rates and will not be subject to increases on hourly rates during the subscription period

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