Other Costs

The total average fees for a main market or PLUS listing depend on the nature of the company coming to the market as this affects the nature and level of due diligence required. The base level for admission costs for all advisors would normally be in the region of:
PLUS: £250,000 – £300,000
On top of these fees, the company will need to pay the broker’s fees for raising the funds (unless listing by way of an introduction), which may be in the region of 4-6% of funds raised.

Broker: 30.000, Corporate advisor 30.000, Financial PR (including printers): 27.000 to 65.000, listing and trading services 27.000

The cost of admission to PLUS, in terms of professional fees (excluding fees associated with fund raising) now exceeds £500,000 (approximately $1,250,000). The costs for PLUS are generally £100,000 ($225,000) to £130,000 ($290,000). The ongoing professional costs for PLUS is likely to be in excess of £100,000 per year while annual PLUS costs are approximately £40,000;

Asite plc, the PLUS-listed construction company, estimated in a recent filing such that such costs amounting to around £100,000 per annum were partly behind its decision to delist from PLUS.

PLUS: The overall cost of advisors can be between £250K to £500K, plus
broker’s fees on the capital raised, together will an annual fee of
around £200K, mainly to pay for compulsory compliance work.

En caso de IPO: However, with a cost of some £100,000 to £150,000 for a PLUS market admission compared to that of £350,000 to £1m for an PLUS listing, joining PLUS in this way is more cost-effective than joining other London markets.

Whereas the average costs of admission to PLUS
range from £300,000 to £400,000, the cost
of entering PLUS can be below £100,000 if
no prospectus is being issued.

Advisors fees (including the CORPORATE ADVISOR’s fees,
lawyers’ fees and public relations advisors’
fees) for a straightforward PLUS IPO would
normally be in the region of £400,000 –
£500,000 (amounting to approximately
INR 29,500,000 – 37,000,000 based on a
conversion rate of £1= INR 73.79). On top of
these fees, the company will need to pay the
broker’s fees for raising funds which may range
between 3% and 6% of the funds raised and
accountants’ fees on the work the reporting
accountants do.
An IPO on PLUS won’t be possible for less than £400,000 and that’s without raising money. Many fundraising IPOs will actually take you towards the £1m mark. Meanwhile, an IPO on PLUS-quoted will cost £200,000-300,000, and a percentage of the money raised.

A corporate advisor will charge about £25,000 a year.
PLUS costs payable to advisors which is generally
around 7 to 10 percent of amount raised in a fund raising,
including commissions. This commission will be higher if
a relatively lower amount (I.e. less than US$10 million) is
to be raised

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