Shelf Companies & offshore companies for international business law, attorneys and lawyers

Shelf Companies for your international business

The establishment of a registered company is an essential part of a successful business. Braxton is expertly placed to assist you with all matters related to the registration of companies.

Depending on the country, shelf companies offer a number of benefits.The process of establishing and registering a company in some regions can be a time consuming, frustrating and costly endeavour. It is specially suited in case of Special Purpose Vehicles in some financial corporate transactions and other in international corporate law activities . This alternative to company formation can offer significant savings and can avoid unnecessary commitment when the capital investment is under negotiation.

Braxton´s shelf companies are fully established and operational. They are registered with the tax authorities; therefore investors are able to maximise VAT tax benefits from the moment of acquisition.

Braxton Shelf Companies Services

Our services include:

  • Shelf companies and Shelf Close Corporations
  • Registration of new companies
  • Special Resolutions of companies and shelf companies
  • Lodgement and changes of company forms
  • Name reservations of companies
  • Redomiciliations of companies
  • Restoration of companies
  • Flexible articles of association
  • Minimum statutory share capital funding for a variety of company types
  • Tax registration of companies
  • Current company’ s accounting records and financial statements.