European Regulation of International Business

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Monitoring European Regulation of International Business since 1998

Braxton European Union regulatory lawyers have handled a wide range of regulatory matters since 1998. We set up a joint venture in 1998 with the international network JPA International to monitor european regulation and rules of international business, specially law, accounting and audit.  

Currently, Braxton usually made an assesment of your current position and discuss with you how you see your european regulation objectives. Most of the work is based on monitoring information produced by EU institutions, and keeping you informed of relevant developments. Braxton also provides advice relating to the impact of environmental and product regulations and liabilities on proposed business activities, and how companies can protect themselves against these risks.


Braxton European regulatory practice

Braxton regulatory practice centers on environmental law, health, safety, biotechnology ( traceability, seeds, labeling, etc.), international trade law and products requirements (e.g. regarding electronics, packaging,  food additives,  etc.), and covers related responsabilities and liabilities. This regulatory practice encompasses both legislative policy work and compliance advice of European affairs. Braxton assists your company with monitoring and analyzing proposed European Union (EU) and national regulations. We also try, in some cases, and in accordance of the lobbying rules of the European Union, to influence the legislative process to accommodate commercial activities and efficient business operations through giving European lawmakers with timely information.