International Corporate Law

International Corporate Law at Braxton

Braxton’s corporate and securities practice is transaction-oriented, focusing on corporate finance, securities offerings, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property arrangements and other international corporate issues. Our clients usually looks to Braxton for more than international corporate legal advice. Creative problem solving and pragmatic business judgment in international corporate law underlie all of our work.

International Corporate Law : Commercial contracts & outsourcing and International Intelectual Property

Some specific areas of international corporate law at Braxton are Commercial contracts & outsourcing and International Intelectual Property.

Commercial contracts & outsourcing
In international corporate law agreements, Braxton assists and advises on international commercial contracts across many different industries, including:

  • Public and private sector outsourcing-related contracts
  • Manufacturing, supply and distribution contracts
  • International contractor and corporate-related contracts
  • Subscriber, provider  and joint marketing/reciprocal corporate network contracts
  • Corporate Management & licensing  agreements
  • International Group purchasing contracts.

International Intelectual Property
Teaming with other Intellectual Property lawyers, Braxton lawyers negotiates, structures and implements international corporate legal assets like technology procurement agreements, software licenses, distribution and in-licensing contracts, intelectual property licensing, R&D and collaboration contracts and technology transfers. In an international corporate law context, international intelectual property issues faced by business with international operations are an area of Braxton’ special expertise, including technical data rights and  patent issues. Braxton also conducts sophisticated international intelectual property portfolio due diligence.