Introduction International Corporate Law

international corporate law and agreements for international business and companies

International Corporate Law

Companies incresingly conduct many businesses, some of them operating on a global basis. Althought not a pure international corporate law solution, small companies tend to be the most common vehicle used by businesses in most parts of the world, including for foreign investments. Braxton offers you an understanding of what international companies are, the position of shareholders and other stakeholders, how international companies operate, how they are funded and how, when applicable, they are regulated. We thing this is extremely helpful for clients to understand foreign investments, international commerce and asset protection as it operates worldwide.

International corporate law and agreements for international business and companies

Some of the international corporate law services Braxton and its partners provide include:

  • International Intelectual Property (IP) and new technology exploitation: provides international and comparative perspectives that cover not just traditional intelectual property issues like industrial, literary and artistic works and brands, but new and emerging areas of policy including biotechnology and the digital economy.
  • International Banking Law and International Finance Law: issues like the international regulatory frameworks, capital markets,  international syndicated loans, bond issues, secured credits, loans and other international legal commercial financial issues such as the legal insolvency framework.
  • International Corporate Governance
  • Competition Law in the European Business Law and World Trade Law
  • Acquisition advice for foreign investors making domestic or local acquisitions and domestic investors making foreign acquisitions, incoming/outgoing foreign investments, foreign joint ventures and foreign distributor/agent relationships
  • International mergers and acquisitions, and international restructurings
  • Other international trade law, which takes into account incresingly the wide spectrum of legal fields which now have an international perspective.
  • Vehicles for investments: Branches, Subsidiaries, Representative Offices, International Companies, General Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships.
  • Confidentiality Agreements, Expatriate Employment Agreements, Contract Manufacturing Agreements,  Intermediary Agreements and Company Shareholders Agreements
  • Arbitration of International Disputes
  • International Joint Venture Arrangements, International Joint Venture Planning and International Joint Venture Agreements
  • Capital repatriation legal advice for international investors
  • Warehousing Agreements with o without Fiscal Representative Provisions
  • Foreign country exchange law advice
  • Letters of Intent, back-to-back agreements
  • Lease Agreements, Licensing Agreements and Manufacturing Agreements in foreign countries.
  • Middlemen Agreements and Strategic Alliance Agreements
  • Liquidation of Foreign Operations
  • Manufacturing License Agreements, Technology Escrow Agreements and Technology Transfer Agreements
  • Master Agent Agreement and Master Distributor Agreement in foreign countries.


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