Internet & E-Commerce

Internet & E-Commerce Legal Services

In the internet and e-commerce legal area, lawyers at Braxton have counseled dozens of clients on e-commerce and Internet issues covering an extensive range of technologies, from classic web-enabled commerce to leading edge innovations companies, including:

  • marketing campaigns, including wi-fi telephone marketing and cell phone messaging/PC integration campaigns, where Braxton can deliver advice and counseling on compliance issues under applicable laws;
  • intellectual property issues relating to the use of emerging communications and networking devices for on-line advertising, market research and e-commerce;
  • establishment of joint venture entities to build and operate an Internet-based employee portal service and a B2B horizontal marketplace for the systematic sourcing of operating inputs;
  • the launch and expansion of a major on-line gaming website, licensing and promotional arrangements;
  • the initial establishment and expansion of the on-line presence, including all aspects of e-commerce, content clearance and licensure, interactive media and promotions;
  • the launch of  user-generated content websites, including analysis of issues unique to user-provided content and generation of custom terms and conditions;
  • marketing on-line campaigns, including co-branding and joint ; and
  • blog-based and “word of mouth” advertising.

For Braxton, the internet and e-commerce legal area are closely related to the privacy law (see Privacy law) area.

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