Oil Paymaster

Paymaster Services for Oil Transactions

If you’re a refinery exporter mandate or conduct business with oil exporters, you know the importance of retaining an attorney paymaster to distribute commissions from your transactions. When you’re facilitating the distribution of millions of barrels (bbl) of oil, ensuring the swift and secure distribution of your commissions requires the assistance of a neutral third party.

That’s why experienced parties insist upon a licensed ALawyer Paymaster to distribute the commissions from their oil transactions. Attorney paymasters offer more security than other types of paymasters because they deposit your oil commissions into a Lawyer Trust Account (also called an “IOTA” or “IOLTA” account, depending on the jurisdiction). An attorney trust account offers an extra level of protection for your oil commissions, because in some countries, the state bar (which regulates all lawyers in the state) monitors attorney trust accounts to ensure there aren’t any discrepancies or shortfalls. Any discrepancies in an attorney’s trust account would result in disciplinary action, including possible disbarment.

If you need the assistance of an attorney paymaster to swiftly and securely distribute commissions from your oil transactions, please contact Braxton. We provide lawyer paymaster services to both individuals and corporate entities requiring the trustworthy and rapid disbursement of commissions from large oil transactions, and will immediately send you our paymaster registration package. It includes all of the information you need to list our firm as the lawyer paymaster on the Master Fee Agreement for your oil transaction. Regardless of whether your funds will be disbursed to domestic or foreign accounts, in US Dollars or Euros, our lawyer paymaster services will ensure the swift and secure payment of your oil commissions.

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