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Start Now with the Paymaster Service

Simply email us directly (and we will send you all of the information you’ll need to list us as the lawyer paymaster in your Master Fee Agreement (we can prepare a Master Fee Agreement for you). You’ll receive sample copies of our paymaster agreement and sub-fee agreement,

Before I can initiate your wire transfer, Braxton will need the the following documents:

  • Client Information Sheet for each recipient
  • Sub-Fee Agreement
  • Other documents required by the Bank, depending each type of transaction

To avoid any delay in clearing your funds, we also need a copy of your Master Fee Agreement or documentation showing the source of funds. For larger wire transfers the banks want to know more information about the source of the funds, and being able to show them a master fee agreement usually satisfies their curiosity and allows us to quickly initiate your wire transfer.

Regardless of whether your transaction will finalize next week, next month, or next year, we can help ensure that your funds are distributed swiftly and securely.


Braxton will never disclose the names of other parties in a transaction. Nor will we disclose your name to the other parties. All of our transactions are held in confidence, and under NO circumstances will we disclose any of the parties’ names or discuss any details of the contract. If we’re asked to verify that we are serving as the Lawyers Paymaster for a transaction, we can confirm that we are listed as the paymaster, but we will never disclose any details of the transaction.

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