Privacy Law

Today’s Privacy Law Reality

In today’s digital economy, the manner in which a company manages information is often critical to a successful business model. Information can be a a legal liability or a powerful asset. Braxton helps companies manage data at every step of the information lifecycle. Our practice develops enterprise-wide information management programs. Braxton’s skills enable you to comply with privacy and data protection laws while maximizing business flexibility and generating revenue.

Privacy Legal Services

Braxton works closely with you to conduct full-scale privacy assessments and assists you in managing global  security and privacy risks associated with the transmittal, disclosure, storage,  collection, use and disposal of private information. Braxton’s attorneys counsels you regarding compliance with international and local privacy and information security requirements, including those arising under the EU data protection directives.

Privacy Law Areas of Expertise
Braxton specializes in providing privacy legal services in the following areas:

  • Performance of comprehensive privacy and information management assessments, including preparation of data flow maps and privacy policies and procedures;
  • Development and implementation of privacy and data use policies and procedures that comply with applicable laws and generate business partner and consumer flexibility, confidence and revenue;
  • Development and implementation of programs to protect global information assets, including legislative and regulatory monitoring;
  • Assistance with information product life cycle issues, including franchising, branding, advertising, warranties, product promotion, customer profiling, targeted marketing, channel definition and expansion, and pricing;
  • Compliance with privacy and information management laws;
    Compliance with all international data protection laws, including the EU Data Protection and Telecommunications Privacy Directives, and its implementations;
  • Comprehensive assistance with significant information security breaches, including network intrusion investigations, public relations, call center, investor relations communications and training, customer notification and governments regulatory negotiations;
  • Drafting and negotiation of vendor contracts and information use and distribution agreements;
  • Assistance with dispute resolution, management of consumer concerns and response to allegations of misuse of data, governments investigations .

European Privacy Services

Braxton, in its European Privacy Practice, extends beyond legal advice to integrated consulting on corporate privacy management as well as legislative and strategic policy advice, business consulting on corporate information policy, and european legal compliance.

Braxton has established a network of specialized privacy and data protection lawyers in Europe and beyond, with whom we often work on projects. This approach allows Braxton to call on the services of highly knowledgeable privacy law specialists all over the world, while coordinating the work so that our clients need deal with only a single point of contact.

Monitoring European Privacy Legislation and Policies
Our experts maintain contacts with officials at the European Commission and some of the national data protection authorities.

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