Wealth Preservation

The ultimate goal of asset protection and wealth preservation is to give you and your family lifetime security – the comfort of knowing that you can’t lose what you own; regardless of the financial or legal problems you may face. Wealth preservation, in a estate planning framework,  is a strategy to help you title your savings, property, business, and other assets and shield them from lawsuits and other claims.

Braxton Wealth Preservation Services

Our wealth preservation and asset protection services provide individuals and their families with a wide range of benefits including generational estate planning,  asset protection , creditor protection, international tax planning,  and international legal counsel. A number of different vehicles can be used including trusts and companies, partnerships, wills, foundations as well as financial, insurance and investment products.

Helping you safeguard, preserve and increase your wealth

We present you a myriad of choices and opportunities in the wealth preservation and asset protection arena. As one of Europe’s most respected providers of international taxation services and asset protection to private clients, Braxton is well-placed to advise on the complexities that international wealth preservation can bring.

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