Asset Protection Planning

asset protection planning, Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Trusts for Special Purposes

Asset Protection Planning specialization

Braxton focus strongly in the area of asset protection planning, including client evaluation, plan design and implementation. Our large experience has showed us that there are a number of national and international asset protection strategies. Each asset protection strategy has its own unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, applications and instances where they would or would not be used. We are able to provide different levels of asset protection planning based in your assets and your country. Braxton expertly blends these various firewalls into your ideal plan.

Asset Protection Planning Solutions

Braxton has extensive experience in corporate structuring, and can assist in ensuring that any generation-transfers of businesses are effected smoothly. Braxton’s asset protection planning solutions include client de-briefing, review of any planning suggested or implemented by other advisors and periodic review of the asset protection plan to ensure conformance with changes to your’s assets or changes in the law.

Asset protection plans have a deep impact on family, finance and lifestyle. Braxton have been negotiating the practical and legal issues arising from these during many years. These may include other services like Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Trusts for Special Purposes.