Alternative Risk Management

Alternative Protection to your Risks

The feasibility of using alternative risk  mechanisms is an option that should be explored by business owners and professionals that need to manage multiple risks and exposures. Particularly, if you are currently using other forms of risk techniques in order to cover the risk that cannot be contained through traditional risk methods, such as the use of conventional insurance products.

Braxton can assist you to identify your risks and offer alternative risk management solutions. These solutions can include  self-insurance, asset protection strategies, a variety of arrangements, and captives. Each of these alternatives has its own merits and should be stringently evaluated in order to determine their appropriateness within each business’ business model.

Since most business must balance a multitude of risks, e.g., contractual, financial, operational, organizational, etc., Braxton offers some guidance of the client’s risk profile, which can be used as a road-map to more effectively manage, control and mitigate risk.

With the increasing volatility in the financial markets, combined with hardening insurance costs and reductions in available insurance underwriting capacity, alternative risk mechanisms are becoming a more viable option for business. Determining what alternative risk  options will provide the optimal program structure is the main goal of most firms and professionals. We understand that successful risk management is important to your business’ success.

Umbrella Liability

Business of all sizes and in every industry must protect themselves against the real and increasing possibility of a catastrophic claim. Complex risks that result from new litigation and negligence theories or science and technology advances are created almost daily. To help protect your company against these types of claims, Braxton’s umbrella protrection provides:

  • A leader in wealth preservation
  • Broad terms and conditions delivering significant  benefits
  • Direct access to knowledgeable specialists who evaluate exposure and collaborate with you on coverage design and structure
  • A flexible approach that makes it easy to work with us

Access to Braxton´s Service and SupportBraxton’s umbrella protection provides you with access to our superior customer service and support. Regardless of your industry, we have the protection specialists who understand your business and the liability challenges you face. We offer the protection you need to preserve your financial position and reputation. Our experienced  professionals help you manage the unexpected, and our investment in technology makes it easy for you to report, view, and track their status.
To learn more about how you can use umbrella coverage to better manage your company’s financial exposure, contact us  today.