Family Brochure

Family Wealth Preservation Brochure

Do you want to know that your family is protected if anything should happen? Want to make sure you are getting the best family wealth preservation solution you can?.

Braxton would like to help provide you with financial stability for your dependents should the unexpected happens.

Planning for the unexpected means you’re ready, whatever the years ahead may bring. We can talk you through the options available to cover against frivolous lawsuits and other threats. It may never happen, but if it does, you can rest assured that your family’s lifestyle will be maintained.

Protecting your family and assets
We never know what’s around the corner. But we can help you protect those affected.

The unexpected can affect the most conscious individuals.It makes sense to put steps in place to protect your standard of living, and that of your family, in the event of an unexpected event.

  • Protecting against the unexpected. You can shelter your family from life’s little surprises with some careful family wealth preservation planning. We can work with you to develop these plans, and check that they remain relevant to your situation.
  • Protecting against financial losses. Be sure your family benefits from some wealth protection when they need it most. Putting an appropriate plan in place will provide them with alternative solutions in the event of indesirable financial losses.
  • Protecting your family future. Whatever happens in life, it is important you are sure your family’s provided for. Through a combination of family wealth preservation expert advice and the ability of specialist tax professionals, we can help you financially safeguard your dependents by reducing your inheritance tax (IHT) liability and other measures.

Braxton can provide you with guidance on how to protect your wealth and family in the event of threats like frivolous lawsuits and divorce.

Preserving your family´s future.

Family wealth protection is about helping you sleep better at night.
Because life can be unpredictable. So it’s reassuring to know you can put steps in place to financially shield your family against unexpected events. Braxton can help you look at your situation and advise on your protection needs. We can also recommend ways in which to make provisions for your family.

With careful planning it’s possible to financially safeguard your family. So you get peace of mind. Please, download our Family Wealth Preservation Brochure.

With Braxton, your family is in good hands.