Estate Planning

International Estate Planning from Braxton

As the world becomes a more global community, the number of people who live or have family living in more than one country or who have international investments or businesses will continue to grow. Such individuals have unique concerns when providing for their families and protecting their commercial interests in the event of death or incapacity, and almost always require high-level advance estate planning.

Braxton’s Estate Planning specialists is responsible for assisting individual clients and families in their wealth transfer and estate planning objectives. Our attorneys provide integrated income and transfer tax advice that takes into account the current tax and state laws. We provide a platform to bring our clients personalized solutions to their estate planning needs on a cost-effective basis.

Braxton is well-equipped to provide the bespoke international estate planning you need. Braxton lawyers focus on each client’s individual needs to develop a customized estate plan which generally addresses the following:

  • Jurisdiction selection and conflicts of laws
  • Specialized planning to anticipate future jurisdictional changes
  • Protection and transfer of assets to local and foreign beneficiaries
  • International income and tax, including the creation of national and international entities and structures
  • Gift and generation-skipping transfer taxation

International and local Perspective in Estate Planning
One of the significant problems faced by people having family or assets in different countries is that of coordinating potentially conflicting laws, including the possibility of double taxation. An integrated, multi-jurisdictional estate plan is also essential to coordinate the interplay between local and foreign estate and inheritance laws so that property actually transfers to the intended beneficiaries. Accordingly, the estate plan should always have a local and an international perspective.

Extensive International Capability in Estate Planning

When holding assets in multiple countries, it is especially important to receive thoughtful counsel on the national tax system and on the taxing systems in foreign countries. This is why Braxton has focused on international estate planning. Avoiding inefficient income tax structures is one of the primary goals of an international estate plan.

Selecting the Right Entity
Selecting the right types of entities to use when developing an international estate plan is an essential part of accomplishing your goals. The task is made more complex, however, by the inherent differences in languages and legal systems. Braxton experience with both domestic and foreign entities enables it to counsel you regarding the right choices based on your unique circumstances.

Flexibility in a Changing World
Once the estate plan is in place, the process is not over. Braxton generally continue to work with you to review the plan periodically and determine if it continues to be appropriate, given your’s evolving needs and goals. A change in family or financial circumstances, the acquisition or divestiture of assets, the expansion or contraction of a business, and the passage of new laws are all events that may affect the plan and trigger the need for adjustments.

The Importance of Confidentiality
Braxton understands that planning of this nature is a very important and sensitive matter to those involved. The firm respects the confidential nature of its engagements and at all times seeks to protect and keep confidential client advice and information.