Private Client Wealth Preservation

The goals of private client wealth preservation is to protect your assets from the ravages of modern day life and death. Major issues that can affect you and your family are serious illness, family problems, creditors, taxation and, in certain countries, exchange controls.

Braxton tackles questions relating to private client wealth preservation. Sometimes, our clients have assets in countries where forced heirship rules apply – rules that demand that assets are inherited by defined family members. In other cases, they have worries about the control of their companies  after they’ve gone – companies that have taken them decades of hard work to build. Or what worries them is having family members incapable of looking after themselves properly in case they have gone.

There are other cases of private client wealth preservation. In the last years is quite common the cases where our clients are lucky enough to have assets spread across the world. But they have to plan the management and control of those assets and the problems of operating in foreign lands with foreign laws and taxes.

We have the experience required to address all of these issues and many more in a confidential, discreet and sympathetic manner.